Website Redesign Proposal and Scope of Work


For: White County Water Authority


Presented by: Jarrod “Jay” Skeggs – The Web Dude


April 27, 2023

About The Web Dude

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White County Water Authority Website Issues and Needs

In brief, White County Water Authority has an outdated WordPress website that has become problematic as it relates to function and reliability. Further, they have lost contact and comfort with the original website services provider.

White County Water Authority is in need of a reliable website services provider that can help with the following website goals and outcomes.

Desired Website Goals & Outcomes

  • Updated modern website design that lines up with current standards.
  • Fully functional website that provides all of the needs of White County Water Authority’s customers so that they can easily and intuitively locate the information they are looking for.
  • Fully supported website service so that White County Water Authority can make important updates with ease but still have the ability to rely upon a responsive service provider for website updates that are of an advanced nature.

Current Website Issues That Must be Addressed

  • Boil Water Advisory communication improvement. At present the publishing of the Boil Water Advisory is unreliable.
  • Residential and Commercial Water Bill Calculator function and support. At present neither the Residential nor the Commercial Water Bill Calculator function or even display.
  • Migration to a Managed Website Hosting service and discontinue reliance on GoDaddy for website hosting. At present it seems that GoDaddy’s hosting is part of the issues being experienced with the issues that are known. There may be other unknown issues that have not revealed themselves as yet.


In order to address the website issues and needs for White County Water Authority, the following strategies should be implemented as soon as possible.

  • WordPress Website Redesign
  • The Web Dude Managed Website Hosting & Maintenance
  • Recreation of Residential and Commercial Water Bill Calculators
  • Improved placement of “Pay My Bill”, “Calculate My Bill” and “Forms and Applications” throughout the website.
  • Set up header banner for Boil Water Advisory that will show up on all pages of the website.
  • Creation of a Privacy Policy.
  • Creation of a Terms of Use Policy.


As part of the overall solution, The Web Dude will deliver the following for White County Water Authority.

  • Newly redesigned website that adheres to modern standards for both user experience and website visitor conversion
  • Business grade Managed Website Hosting and Maintenance Service to ensure the website is secure and fully operational.
  • Website Page Details
    • Home
    • WCWA Information
      • About WCWA
        • Board of Directors
        • Staff
        • General information
      • WCWA History
      • Awards and Memberships
    • Customer Information
      • Pay My Bill
      • Calculate My Bill
      • Water Rates
      • Forms & Applications
      • News
    • FAQs
    • Operations
      • Current Projects
      • Water Quality Report
      • Standard Specifications
      • Standard Details
      • Standard Forms
      • Bid Proposals
      • Contact Us
        • Contact Confirmation
      • Terms of Service
      • Privacy Policy
    • Contact information links included as part of the design:
      • Phone
      • Fax
      • Email


      In person training will be provided for instruction on how to create, edit or update the following:

      • Boil Water Advisory (video documentation provided also)
      • How to create a Blog Post (video documentation provided also)

      As noted above, video documentation will also be provided for reference on each of the main bullet points listed above.

      Things or services not included in this scope of work:

      • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization
      • Design or development of logos or other specialty graphic assets
      • Photography or videography for any locations or other desired visuals to be used on the redesigned website.

      Process & Timeline


      The website design and development process will follow the steps outlined below:

      • Website Design
      • Website Development
      • Website functionality testing
      • Website Launch


      The timeline for design, development and deployment of the White County Water Authority website redesign will be:

      • Design Concept: 10 business days following project commencement.
        • The following templates are included in the design concepts phase:
          • Home Page
          • WCWA Information Page and sub pages
          • Customer Information Page and sub pages
          • FAQs Page
          • Operations Page and sub pages
          • Contact Page
          • Contact Confirmation Page
      • Design Revisions / Changes, if necessary, 10 business days following revisions requests.
      • Completed Design: 10 business days following Design Revisions delivery.
      • Completed Development: 5 business days following Design Revisions delivery.
      • Testing: 2 business days following Completed Development.
      • Launch: 2 business days following Testing completion.
      • Post Launch testing: Immediately following launch.
      • Training: Within 10 business days following Launch.

      Statement of Ownership

      Upon completion of website redesign and payment in full for redesign project fee, all website files and databases become property of White County Water Authority.

      All future work performed by The Web Dude for the White County Water Authority website becomes property of the White County Water Authority upon completion and payment in full if the work requires payment.

      If desired, The Web Dude will provide a copy of all website files and databases on either a regular basis or on a by request basis for White County Water Authority.


      Agreement Details

      Proposal and Scope of Work Accepted by Edwin Nix on May 5, 2023 at 2:56 PM EST.

      Payment Received for 50% deposit of $2,999.50 on May 11, 2023 at approximately 2:05 PM EST. Paid via check #21279

      Payment Received for first year of annual managed website hosting $3,999.00 on May 11, 2023 at approximately 2:05 PM EST. Paid via check #21279

      Website Migration completed on May 17, 2023.

      Official Redesign project commencement May 18, 2023.

      Design concepts forwarded to WCWA on June 1, 2023.