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Website Design and Development Proposal and Scope of Work


For: The Webster Firm, P.C.


Presented by: Jarrod “Jay” Skeggs – The Web Dude


April 1, 2022


The Webster Firm, P.C. is a law firm that focuses on helping individuals and small businesses with all of their residential real estate legal needs.

At present there are numerous updates that need to be made to the website which include the following:

  • Adding new locations
  • Update to Fee Schedule
  • Setting up a link from the website the to Qualia system
  • Possible addition of Qualia How-to videos
  • Events Calendar that can be used for CE Classes and other planned events
  • Removal of link on Services page that links to American Real Estate University
  • Addition of new staff members
  • Deletion of staff members who no longer work for The Webster Firm, LLC
  • Organization of staff based on location
  • Adding full phone number for each staff member along with their extension
  • Updated Fax number
  • Remove Individual Transaction Questions emails from Contact Page


Address the above needs on a project fee basis.

Consider implementation of The Web Dude Managed Website Hosting & Maintenance solution.

Consider the below additional recommendations.

Additional Recommendations

  • Add a Home link to main navigation menu.
  • Add embedded Google Map for each location
  • Set up a confirmation page for visitors to land on after they submit the contact form on the contact page.
  • Set up redirect for twflaw.com so that if someone visits the link it redirects them to websterfirm.com.

Process & Timeline


  • Project engagement
  • Design / Development Updates as detailed herein and based on data provided by Ashleigh Rider
  • Updates functionality testing
  • Completion


  • Project shall commence upon receipt of 50% project deposit
  • Project shall be completed within 10 business days of commencement



Proposal and Scope of Work Project Fee accepted by Ashleigh Rider on April 28, 2022 at 3:47 PM EDT.

Managed Website Hosting & Maintenance TBD.