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Website Design and Development Proposal and Scope of Work


For: Senior Provisions


Presented by: Jarrod “Jay” Skeggs – The Web Dude


April 25, 2022

Needs & Problems

Presently, Senior Provisions has a website in place running on the WordPress platform and using the Genesis Theme. The website design is a bit out of date and is not meeting the expectations of Senior Provisions or their website visitors.

Website issuess that have been raised with the present web services provider, Heyday Marketing:

  • Podcasts not displaying
  • Testimonial carousel not working at the bottom of the home page
  • Website forms stopped working
  • “Bandaid fixes” applied instead of long-term scalable solutions

Other issues or problems noted during discovery by The Web Dude:

  • Outdated design
  • Mobile viewport width, alignment and usability is lacking
    • Homepage width issues can cause potential confusion for visitors if they swipe left or right
    • Mobile viewport font size is too small for target demographic
    • Contact Form button on homepage is out of alignment
    • Because of the use of sidebar widgets, pages on mobile are quite bloated and are probably making it hard for visitors to find the answers they are looking for
    • Many graphics across the website need to be recreated for mobile viewing OR their use may need to be eliminated on mobile
  • Lack of dedicated Contact Page
  • Sidebar widget usage is for the most part deprecated based on current design standards
  • Lack of direct conatct information on the Team page. (This may be intentional, but if using organizational email and phone system, then email addresses and phone numbers w/ extensions should be published.


In order to address the existing needs and problems for Senior Provisions, the solutions below should be considered and implements as soon as possible.

  • Website Redesign with heavy focus on improving:
    • Improved, direct messaging communicating exactly what problem / problems you solve for your target market
    • Usability for target market & demographic
    • Modern design standarsds
    • Mobile usability
  • Leverage use of Podbean embed capabilities to ensure that podcast episodes are always available
  • Leverage form notification deliverability service to ensure website forms both write to the website database and notifications get delivered to staff members who need to receive them
  • Employ use of updated working technology for leveraging testimonials and partners in a way that helps convert visitors into leads
  • Engage in Managed Hosting service to ensure regularly scheduled website software maintenance and testing occurs so that problems or issues are addressed proactively


As part of the overall solution, The Web Dude will deliver the following for Senior Provisions.

  • Newly redesigned website that adheres to modern standards for both user experience and website visitor conversion
  • Business grade Managed Hosting Service that will scale as needed as Senior Provisions continues to grow.
  • Website Pages – ALL existing website pages will be ported to ensure that Search Engine results are maintained.
  • Any existing webiste pages that Senior Provisions decides no longer need to be used will be redirected.
  • Testimonials should be strategically placed throughout the website. We can still maintain a page which includes all testimonials, but most visitors won’t intentionally visit that page.
  • At the point of lead capture, ie, website forms submission, you may wish to consider including a statement that references are available upon request.
  • Proposed Navigation Architecture
    • Home
    • What We Do – Overview
      • No-Cost Placement – include “How it Works” and “What to Expect”
      • Eldercare Assistance – include “How it Works” and “What to Expect”
      • Eldercare Solutions – include “How it Works” and “What to Expect”
      • Biblical Counseling – include “How it Works” and “What to Expect”
    •  Who We Are – Overview including Mission, Vision & Beyond
      • Our Team
      • Testimonials
    • How We Serve
      • Caregiver Training
      • Homebound Visitation Training
      • Staff & Volunteer Training
      • Inspirational Presentations
    • Resources
      • Senior Resources
      • Connections / Partners
      • Podcast
      • Downloads
    • Podcast
    • Events
    • Contact
      • Contact Confirmation
    • Terms of Service
    • Privacy Policy

Things or services not included in this scope of work:

  • Copy writing
  • Supporting data research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Design or development of logos or other specialty graphic assets
  • Stock photography licensing – this can be acquired directly by Senior Provisions or can be back billed by The Web Dude
  • Premium plugin licensing, ie, Event Espresso, etc. This can be acquired directly by Senior Provisions or can be back billed by The Web Dude


The website design and development process will follow the steps outlined below:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website functionality testing
  • Website Launch


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