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Website Design and Development Proposal and Scope of Work


For: Suffield Players


Presented by: Jarrod “Jay” Skeggs – The Web Dude


November 15, 2022

Needs & Problems

Presently, Suffield Players, a nonprofit theater company has an old website that they would like to use as an archive / historical site. Suffield Players would like to create a new website that will be used more for marketing, event management and ticket sales. The current website is out of date and is managed by a single point of contact (single point of failure). The new website should be managed by multiple members of the Suffield Players to ensure that the organization can operate efficiently should any managing members exit either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Needs for the new Suffiled Players website:

  • Events Management
  • Ticket Sales / Box Office Management
  • Donation Capability
  • Standard Marketing Information
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Notifications for sales


In order to address the existing needs and problems for Suffiled Players, the solutions below should be considered and implemented as soon as possible.

  • WordPress Website
  • Ticketing / Event / Box Office Management Solution
  • Donation system
  • Robust and secure website hosting


As part of the overall solution, The Web Dude will deliver the following for Suffield Players.

  • Newly designed website that adheres to modern standards for both user experience and website visitor conversion
  • Business grade Managed Hosting Service that will scale as needed as Suffield Players grows and increases sales.
  • Website Page Details
    • Home
    • Upcoming Shows
      • Calendar
      • Show Details
    • Box Office
      • Ticket Sales
    • About
    • News
    • Donate / Support
    • Sponsors
      • Become a Sponsor
    • Contact
      • Contact Confirmation
    • Terms of Service
    • Privacy Policy
    • Refund Policy

Things or services not included in this scope of work:

  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization
  • Design or development of logos or other specialty graphic assets
  • Support Licenses for premium plugins such as Ticket Sales, Box Office Management (These are quoted seperately and will be billed annually).


The website design and development process will follow the steps outlined below:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website functionality testing
  • Website Launch

Soft Cost Breakdown & Discounts

Website Design & Development
Payment System Implementation
Event Ticketing Implementation
Donation System Implementation
Online Swag Store Implementation
Email Marketing System Implmentation
Total One-time Investment Cost
The process of designing the website aesthetically along with the process of implementing full technical function.
Integration of the Stripe Online Payment Gateway. This will serve to collect payment for online ticket sales, box office in-person sales and donations.
Integration of the Event Ticketing and Seat Selection system. This will serve to allow attendees to both purchase tickets for each show as well as select the exact seats that they wish to sit in for each show. (A specific seating chart or map will need to be provided by Suffield Players.)
Integration of the GiveWP donation system. This system enables donors to make either a one-time or recurring donation to Suffield Players. This platform also includes the ability for donors to login and manage their donations and see their donation history. Optionally, you can allow donors to add the credit card fees to their donation so that they are absorbing that cost instead of Suffield Players.
Implementation of an online store that can be used to sell both physical and digital goods. ie, T-Shirts, Programs, etc.
MailPoet Email Marketing software enables Suffield Players to collect and market to up to 20,000 email addresses. CAN SPAM Laws apply
FP Investment
Discount %
NP Investment

Hard Cost Breakdown

Event Ticketing Software
Donation System Software
Online Store Software
Email Marketing System Software
Managed Website Hosting & Maintenance
Total Annual Hard Cost
This software includes a calendar / event feed system. Also included is a User account system, online ticketing system (ability to purchase tickets to shows online), seating arrangement system (ability for attendees to select their exact seating). Seating can be set to different pricing if desired, ie, you could set seating rows towared the front to be more expensive that seating rows at the back of the theater.
This software includes the ability to create donation forms that allow donors to select pre-selected donation amounts or a custom donation amount. The software also has the capability to allow donors to set up recurring donations and they can absorb the cost of the credit card processing fees.
This software enable Suffield Players to create both physical and digital products for sale. So you could provide swag such as T-Shirts but also digital downloadable goods such as a .PDF file of a program or even a video of a particluar show.
MailPoet Software for email marketing with up to 20,000 email addresses.
This is the provision of website hosting and maintenance which includes:
- Secure hosting for the website
- Administration of all software updates
- Daily backups of all website files and database
- SSL Certificate for secure transactions
- Notification deliverability service
FP Investment
Discount %
NP Investment

Investment Recap

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