Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step toward making sure that your website is doing all that it can for your business.

I’ll be in touch with you shortly and I look forward to strategizing with you to come up with a solution to your web problems.

If you wish to talk before I have a chance to get in touch with you, feel free to call me at 678-568-1480.

Better than we could have dreamed

Our sales club was stuck in the 90’s with our old website and the way we accepted membership applications and payments. (Yes, a PAPER application and our members wrote a check every quarter). Enter The Web Dude and his magic and voila, we have an online application, payment portal and subscription system that makes it easy for everyone. Thanks a bunch, it’s better than we could have dreamed.

My website is a Money Maker!!

When I first talked with Jay about a website for my landscaping and lawn care business, I was skeptical about whether it would really generate any business for me. Needless to say, I’m not skeptical anymore. 3 short weeks after launching my new website, I had received numerous inquiries and signed on 2 new clients. This got me my initial return on investment plus some. At this point, I’ve lost count of the number of new clients I’ve gotten.

Am I a Happy Customer? Oh yeah!!

Our CEO and Leadership Team are Very Pleased

Our old website looked very dated and was inconsistent with our official company styles. As well, we had a lot of issues with receiving the lead form submissions from the website. Now that you’ve redesigned the site from top to bottom, and patched up all the issues, we’re seeing positive results daily. Our CEO and Leadership Team are very pleased with our new website.

Thanks for the Great Work!

Our employees are all so pleased with the company intranet/portal that you recently designed and created. You delivered exactly what you said you would deliver… and within the estimated timeline as well. You were always available during the development process and very responsive when we had comments or questions. Thank you for helping us develop a great tool for our employees!

Jarrod “Jay” Skeggs | The Web Dude

Who is The Web Dude?

You may have seen me around town. I eat at Schlotzky’s, Two Dog and Atlanta Highway Seafood Market a lot. I spend my free time kayaking on Lake Lanier and hiking trails all over North GA.

I’ve been providing affordable, professional website design services since 2006 and I’m privileged to serve more than 150 small businesses worldwide.

I’d be honored to talk with you about your business and more specifically, the problems that you’ve experienced as it relates to your website or overall web presence. I can’t say that I’ve “seen it all”, but there’s a good chance I’ve helped a lot of other business owners with the same challenges your are facing.

I look forward to hearing from you.