Website Design and Development Proposal and Scope of Work


For: Preferred Plastics


Presented by: Jarrod “Jay” Skeggs – The Web Dude


July 21, 2022

Preferred Plastics Needs

Preferred Plastics has been operating and growing since their founding but has decided that a website would likely help them with the following:

  • Attract new customers
  • Establish a digital footprint for future expansion
  • Position them to expand as opportunities arise

The website design should include:

  • Clean, well designed website that represents the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Preferred Plastics.
  • Benefits of selling to or buying from Preferred Plastics.
  • Keywords centered around recycling, upcycling, carbon footprint reduction.
  • Easy ability for website visitors to make contact with Preferred Plastics.
  • Content centered around questions frequently asked by industrial and commercial businesses who need a recycling program.
  • Content centered around questions frequently asked by plastics manufacturers who want or need to use the recycled materials produced by Preferred Plastics in their products.


The Web Dude will deliver the following for Preferred Plastics.

  • Newly designed website that adheres to modern standards for both user experience and website visitor conversion
  • Business grade Managed Hosting Service that will scale as needed as Preferred Plastics grows and increases sales.
  • Website Page Details
    • Home
    • About
      • Mission
      • Vision
      • Team
    • Products
      • Plastics (Primary material desired)
      • Cardboard (Will take in order to get plastics)
      • Pallets (Will take in order to get plastics)
      • Metal (Will take in order to get plastics)
    • Services
      • Closed Loop / Sustainable Loop Recycling Program
    • FAQs
    •  Contact
      • Contact Confirmation

Things or services not included in this scope of work:

  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization
  • Design or development of logos or other specialty graphic assets
  • Photos or Images to be used on the website

Preferred Plastics’ Responsibilities

Preferred Plastics will be responsible for providing the following for the website:

  • Be available for & responsive to questions or queries during the design & development process.
  • All content, information and data.
  • All images and photographs. The Web Dude can source royalty free stock photography if necessary but as discussed, it’s best to have original photographic images of your facility, equipment and capabilities.
  • Review of content once in place on the new website.
  • Review and testing of functions of the website such as contact form submission.

    The Web Dude’s Responsibilities

    The Web Dude will be responsible for providing the following for the website:

    • Website Design.
    • Website Development.
    • Integration of content provided by Preferred Plastics.
    • Integration of imagery and photographs provided by Preferred Plastics.
    • Testing of website funcitons such as contact form submission.
    • DNS settings for pointing to The Web Dude website hosting servers.
    • DNS setting for contact form notification deliverability.
    • Ongoing maintenance and updates of website software.

      Process & Timeframe

      The website design and development process will follow the steps outlined below:

      • Website Design
      • Website Development
      • Website functionality testing
      • Website Launch

      The website design and development timframe for completion will be 35 – 40 business days following receipt of initial deposit.


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