Referral Terms and Conditions

In order to be eligible to receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card for referring a friend or colleague, the following terms and conditions must be met.

    1. You must submit the referral using the form located on the Refer a Friend page.

    2. You must contact the referral before I do and let them know that I’ll be contacting them about their web needs. This is super important! I find that people are far more receptive to me contacting them if you have already “introduced me”.

    3. The friend or colleague must do some form of web design or web development business with me.

    4. The friend or colleague must commit to a project with a minimum of $500.

    5. The friend or colleague must make payment installments as agreed upon in the written scope of work and proposal.

So, there you have it. Simple huh? Now, start sending me those referrals.