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Website Design and Development Proposal and Scope of Work
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Who is The Web Dude


My name is Jay Skeggs, and my clients affectionately refer to me as "The Web Dude". I help businesses accomplish the following four things using the web:

  • Get Found
  • Build Credibility
  • Call Website Visitors to Action
  • Convert Website Visitors to Clients

It's extremely important to me that we work together to set goals for your website and measure the progress that is made toward those goals.

When you succeed, I succeed.

Project Overview


Design and develop a website to be used for online presence and marketing of [COMPANY NAME] and the products OR services they represent.

Overall, the website presently lacks fluidity in both appearance and content. As well, it appears that the previous designers don’t really understand the [BUSINESS CATEGORY OR TYPE] business benefits or the problems that existing and prospective clients relate to. This will be shored up and made excellent with engagement in this website redesign.

Hosting & Domain


[COMPANY NAME] is responsible for providing domain name for website. (NOTE: This is already in place - example.com).

[COMPANY NAME] currently has hosting through [PRESENT WEBSITE HOST]. The Web Dude will provide website hosting as part of this proposal. NOTE: It is a best practice to host your website independently from your email services.

Because there is currently an existing website in place, development will be performed on the live example.com domain and a one page placeholder will be installed to ensure that visitors can still access all important information such as phone and contact information while the redesign is in progress.

Because [COMPANY NAME] may at times collect sensitive information through the website, a Security Certificate will be installed on the domain that will encrypt all communication between the website visitor and the website server that will be hosting example.com. This is for the protection of both clients, prospects and [COMPANY NAME].