Website Design and Development Proposal and Scope of Work


For: Adam Larsen / New Frontier Mobile Homes


Presented by: Jarrod “Jay” Skeggs – The Web Dude


January 30, 2023


New Frontier Mobile Homes is a new business and Legacy Housing Dealer in need of a website to market their Manufactured Mobile Homes along with Tiny Homes. The primary geographical area served by New Frontier Mobile Homes is within a 50 mile radius of Colbert, GA for their Manufactured Mobile Homes and the entire Southeastern United States for their Tiny Homes.

New Frontier Mobile Homes is in need of a professional website that provides visitors with the following information and opportunities:

  • Easily make contact with New Frontier Mobile Homes by phone, email or web form.
  • Browse online catalog of floor plans/ images for Manufactured Mobile Homes and Tiny Homes that can be custom ordered or that may be in-stock at the Colbert, GA location.
  • Establish credibility with use of the Legacy Housing Dealer logo as well as any other logos such as local or state housing authorities.
  • Get found in search results by prospective buyers of Manufactured Mobile Homes and Tiny Homes.
  • Optimization to be found in geographical searches for the following cities [City Name] Mobile Homes or [City Name] Manufactured Homes:
    • Athens, GA
    • Bishop, GA
    • Elberton, GA
    • Statham, GA
    • Jefferson, GA
    • Watkinsville, GA
    • Bogart, GA
    • Arcade, GA
    • Danielsville, GA
    • Comer, GA
    • Commerce, GA
    • Winterville, GA
    • Maysville, GA
    • Hoschton, GA
    • Auburn, GA
    • Homer, GA
    • Winder, GA
    • Bethlehem, GA
    • Monroe, GA
    • Madison, GA
    • Greeensboro, GA
    • Toccoa, GA
    • Social Circle, GA
    • Gainesville, GA
    • Covington, GA
  • Optimization to be found in geographical searches for the following cities [City Name] Tiny Homes:
    • These cities should be strategically selected by New Frontier Mobile Homes based on the acceptance of Tiny Homes within the geography.


In order to address the needs for New Frontier Mobile Homes the solutions below should be considered and implemented as soon as possible.

  • Implement a modern and professional website design that can be used to attract prospective Manufactured Mobile Home buyers in the geographies served by New Frontier Mobile Homes.
  • As part of the overall design, implement lead collection forms and contact points in a way that makes it easy for visitors to express interest.
  • As part of the overall design, include permanent, “sticky”, page header that includes New Frontier Mobile Homes phone number and email address.
  • Search Engine Optimization configuration and submittal.
  • Create geographically search optimized landing pages for as many cities as possible. If this needs to be staggered or staged out based on budget, New Frontier Mobile Homes should start with the cities that would bring the most prospective buyers and progressively add those with diminishing potential.


As part of the overall solutions mentioned, The Web Dude will deliver the following for New Frontier Mobile Homes.

Website pages as follows:

  • Home – this will be the start of funneling visitors to take one of the following actions:
    • Make contact via phone, email or web form.
    • Click through to the Mobile Homes section to begin viewing floor plans and images.
    • Click through to the Tiny Homes section and being viewing floor plans and images.
    • View FAQs related to New Frontier Mobile Homes product offerings.
  • Our Homes
    • Singlewide – catalog page for singlewide floor plans.
      • Plan 1
      • Plan 2
      • Plan 3
      • Plan 4
    • Doublewide – catalog page for doublewide floor plans.
      • Plan 1
      • Plan 2
      • Plan 3
      • Plan 4
    • Tiny Homes – catalog page for tiny homes floor plans.
      • Plan 1
      • Plan 2
      • Plan 3
      • Plan 4
  • FAQs
  • Financing
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Privacy Policy
  • Website Terms of Use
  • Athens, GA Mobile Homes
  • Athens, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Bishop, GA Mobile Homes
  • Bishop, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Elberton, GA Mobile Homes
  • Elberton, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Statham, GA Mobile Homes
  • Statham, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Jefferson, GA Mobile Homes
  • Jefferson, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Watkinsville, GA Mobile Homes
  • Watkinsville, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Bogart, GA Mobile Homes
  • Bogart, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Arcade, GA Mobile Homes
  • Arcade, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Danielsville, GA Mobile Homes
  • Danielsville, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Comer, GA Mobile Homes
  • Comer, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Commerce, GA Mobile Homes
  • Commerce, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Winterville, GA Mobile Homes
  • Wintervillw, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Maysville, GA Mobile Homes
  • Maysville, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Hoschton, GA Mobile Homes
  • Hoschton, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Auburn, GA Mobile Homes
  • Auburn, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Homer, GA Mobile Homes
  • Homer, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Winder, GA Mobile Homes
  • Winder, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Bethlehem, GA Mobile Homes
  • Bethlehem, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Monroe, GA Mobile Homes
  • Monroe, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Madison, GA Mobile Homes
  • Madison, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Greensboro, GA Mobile Homes
  • Greensboro, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Toccoa, GA Mobile Homes
  • Toccoa, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Social Circle, GA Mobile Homes
  • Social Circle, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Gainesville, GA Mobile Homes
  • Gainesville, GA Manufactured Homes
  • Covington, GA Mobile Homes
  • Covington, GA Manufactured Homes


    The website design and development process will follow the steps outlined below:

    • Research top competitors strategies and approaches
    • Research website visitors expectations
    • Website Design
    • Website Development
    • Website functionality testing
    • Website Launch


    Timeframe for completion of the primary page of this project is expected to be 25 business days. This includes the following pages / sections:

    • Home
    • Our Homes
    • FAQs
    • Financing
    • Schedule an Appointment
    • Privacy Policy
    • Website Terms of Use
    • 10 geographically optimized landing pages

    Completion of additional geographically optimized landing pages will be estimated based on the number of pages selected by New Frontier Mobile Homes.

    This is contingent upon New Frontier Mobile Homes providing any necessary content, imagery, PDFs or other assets to be utilized on the website.


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