New Year’s Resolutions for Your Website

With the new year quickly approaching, you may be thinking about all of the things that you want to accomplish from a web presence perspective. Especially if, like most, you had great intentions this past year but didn't execute well on many or all of your web...

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Guard your website from Email spam bots

Are you suddenly receiving a lot of email spam? If so, you’ll want to determine if there is a source of this email spam that is easily identifiable. The first place I always recommend examining is your website. If you have email addresses that are accessible by email spambots on your site, then there’s a good chance that could be the source. In this post, I share several methods for making sure that your website isn’t feeding the evil email spambots.

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How to create a Social Media Customer Service Plan

Providing service to your customers where they hang out is imperative this day and age. Having not only a marketing presence but a Customer Service presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and any other Social Network your business is involved in will build trust and ultimately result in more customers. Here’s a simple guide to putting together a Social Media Customer Service Plan.

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The Web Dude Story

I pondered quite a bit on what the very first post should be here on The Web Dude. And while I considered some great topics, I decided that there’s nothing like a great story. Here you’ll find the story of how and why I started The Web Dude.

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