Jay "The Web Dude" Skeggs

Jay "The Web Dude" Skeggs

Owner and Head Dude Over Everything

The Web Dude Story

I started in the website design and development business back in 2009. At the time I had a business partner and we also offered IT Services to small businesses for Apple products. After countless requests for building websites for our clients we finally decided to dive in and see if we could make a go of it.

Not only did we find success due to our built in client base, but we also found that we enjoyed providing website design and development services much more than providing IT Service. In 2010 we sold our IT Practice and began to focus solely on website design and development.

In 2011, my business partner and I decided that our visions we quite different and that we would both benefit from an amicable dissolution of our partnership. At that time, I formed The Web Dude, LLC and my partner and I split up our client base and parted ways.

As time has passed, I have built my business completely by referrals and will continue to earn business in such a manner.

I look forward to serving you and your business.

How I Spend My Time

  • Website Design and Development 35% 35%
  • E-Commerce Websites 40% 40%
  • Managed Website Hosting 10% 10%
  • Security Monitoring and Cleanup 15% 15%

Number of Open Projects

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Check Out My Work

If you’d like to view a small sampling of the work I’ve done for clients over the years, please check out my portfolio.