4 more reasons you should be using domain-based email

Dec 3, 2022 | Domain-based Email

By: Jarrod "Jay" Skeggs

By: Jarrod "Jay" Skeggs

Founder & CEO

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There are a few other reasons why having a domain-based email address can be beneficial:

  1. Customization: With a domain-based email address, you have more control over your email address and can customize it to your liking. For example, you can use a combination of your name and the name of your business to create a unique and memorable email address.
  2. Security: Using a domain-based email address can provide an extra layer of security for your email communications. With a generic email service, your messages are stored on the provider’s servers, which can make them vulnerable to hacking and other security threats. With a domain-based email address, you can set up your own email server and have more control over the security of your messages.
  3. Professional branding: A domain-based email address can help to establish and promote your professional brand. By using your own domain name in your email address, you can create a cohesive and consistent online presence that reflects your business or personal brand.
  4. Increased storage: With a domain-based email address, you typically have more storage space for your emails compared to using a generic email service. This can be especially helpful if you need to store and access a large number of messages.


Overall, while the main benefits of having a domain-based email address are improved online identity, communication, and professionalism, there are also several other advantages that can make it a worthwhile investment.

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