Jay Skeggs : The Web Dude

Webmaster : Designer : Developer : Hosting Architect

Designing, Developing and Hosting Websites Since 2011

Jay Skeggs : The Web Dude




Hosting Architect

Designing, Developing and Hosting Websites Since 2011

My Story


I began my career in the website design, development and hosting business back in 2009. At the time I had a business partner and we also offered IT Services to small businesses for Apple products. After countless requests for building websites for our clients we finally decided to dive in and see if we could make a go of it.

Not only did we find success due to our built in client base, but we also found that we enjoyed providing website design and development services much more than providing IT Service. In 2010 we sold our IT Practice and began to focus solely on website design and development.

In 2011, my business partner and I decided that our visions were quite different and that we would both benefit from an amicable dissolution of our partnership. At that time, I formed The Web Dude, LLC and my partner and I split up our client base and parted ways.

As time has passed, I have built my business completely by referrals and continue to earn business this way.

Over the years I’ve acquired over 200 valued clients. It is my hope that you too will soon join The Web Dude family.

I look forward to serving you and your business.

 My Mission

To provide a refreshingly professional website design, development and hosting experience, one client at a time.

My Core Values


VIP Treatment

Whether you organized your business yesterday, or you’re the 4th generation owner of a 100 year old business, you are highly valued.

Culture of YES

To be clear, I’m not a Yes man, but, when a client makes a request, I do everything I can to say yes and make it happen. 

Raving Fans

I want every client to rave about their experience with The Web Dude when they are talking to colleagues, family and friends.

Exceed Expectations

Deliver more. Deliver better. Deliver early. Deliver often. Above and beyond is rooted deep within my DNA!


Your business website is the cornerstone and hub of your online presence. It’s really the only web real estate that you actually own and control. I can help you make sure that your website is the hardest working and most underpaid employee on your payroll.


Products? Services? Donations? Event Registrations? Specialty niche products? I can help you sell all of these things securely from your website. Need to ship your goods or have them electronically delivered. No problem. I’ve integrated real-time UPS, FedEx and USPS rates for many clients.

Managed Website Hosting

I provide managed website hosting and domain name registration services for my clients. With guaranteed 99% uptime and provision of daily and weekly website file and database backups, my clients rest peacefully knowing that no matter what, their website is working for them around the clock.


Security Monitoring & Mitigation

Website security is serious business. Hacks that result in malware distribution or spam email can quickly get your website and email service blacklisted. In turn, quickly hindering your online web presence and potentially costing your business tens to even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

See My Work Examples

View a small sampling of the work I’ve done for clients.

Get in Touch

Call, email or send a telegram if you wish. Seriously though, I do my best to answer every phone call. 

Work Examples

Phone :: (678) 568-1480

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